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Acacia Collection

Are you looking for an exotic wood dining table for your home? The Casa Suarez Acacia collection brings together design minimalism, high quality materials and industrial elements.

If you’re looking for a modern style and environmentally-friendly pieces, the Acacia Collection will be the perfect one for you. The beauty of the wood comes together with metallic elements, juxtaposing rustic and industrial designs. The final outcome is clean, functional and visually pleasing.

All of the furniture pieces in the collection are crafted from acacia wood – a material recognized for its beautiful polish, a delicate scent and an array of colors (depending on the finish). Acacia furniture is also considered highly sustainable since the trees grow quickly.

The Casa Suarez Acacia Collection of exotic wood furniture features coffee tables, dining tables, benches and shelves. These are ideal for the contemporary living room, dining room or kitchen.
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