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Shabby Chic Collection

Step inside our Shabby Chic collection and become enchanted with these hand-carved pieces. Built with care from mango wood and recycled wood, the Shabby Chic collection seamlessly combines reliable wood craftsmanship with ornate patterns.

Headboards, stools, dressers and cushions, each piece of the Shabby Chic collection brings an exotic accent to the room. The Shabby Chic collection blends the exotic with the ethereal, with mango wood featuring intricate, hand-carved designs, and recycled wood accented with bright colours and patterns. The white and natural wood colours bring an elegant charm, while the exciting details add a sense of whimsy.

Each hand-carved piece of the Shabby Chic collection features a unique element. The natural wood easily complements multiple decor styles; add one piece to freshen your interior, or bring in a matching set to transform your favourite room.

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